Sunday, June 25, 2017

My Journey

Something wonderful happened to my soul when Brooke and Scott recently got married.
All of my "Please God, let me live long enough to..." prayers had been answered and my heart had never been more full of gratitude.
And now...
My prayer is to simply live in the moment and enjoy all the miracles of daily living.  I want to stay positive in this crazy world of ours.  I want to create more art and bring Hittyville back to its original glory.  I want to continue having the most amazing family adventures with my husband, children, and beloved grandson.
It is definitely a new chapter in my life...and I am going to wholeheartedly embrace it!

Where I Have Been

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Happy and Busy Times

In just one week, Brooke and Scott will be getting married!
I think we are just about ready for the big day...
I am the happiest of mothers!  Brooke has found her soulmate in Scott.  They complement one another in every way possible.
And they really do speak the language of love.
~A joyful union~

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Congratulations Wolf

 My nephew, Wolf Shafer, graduated from Ithaca College!!!
He is headed to Middle Tennessee State to join the football coaching staff.
Congratulations, Wolf!  We are so proud of you...

On their way back to Tennessee...
Missy and Elsa stopped by the farm for a short visit and dinner with Joe, Brooke, Scott, and myself.
Elsa has been missing her guinea pigs and Chester was really happy to see her.

And so was Taz!

It's always great spending time with my family...

Brooke's School Bridal Shower

 The ladies of Ashland Middle School held a WONDERFUL bridal shower for Brooke.

Lots of delicious food...

Brooke is so fortunate to be teaching with such awesome ladies and of course, the secretaries rock!

Amber is Brooke's teaching partner and kept the party moving along.
I love her happy personality...

Scott's students call him Mr. McGaff Daddy...He is a very popular teacher and it is easy to see why when you watch him interact with his kids.
I am over the moon happy Brooke and Scott found one another.

 Thank you to the co-hosts of Brooke's shower!

It was a fantastic shower for my fantastic daughter!

~Celebrate good times~

Living in the NOW

I have been taking time to thoroughly experience this journey.

 I have been looking...REALLY my surroundings and my sense of well being has been so enriched.

I simply adore this young British poet and am taking an online class with her about tenderness toward ourselves.

 I am also back with Kelly Rae Roberts doing her Unscripted Weekly Art Lesson.

 I feel so much more alive when I am creating...


I am also back at the AU Rec Center...walking!  My foot and shins have finally recovered from way overdoing it last fall.
My new Fitbit is the greatest monitor of all!

Taking time to smell the flowers like never before...

Caruso is content to just be...

~So am I~